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Hello and welcome to my blog!

Let’s start with some bad news: this blog can never be really good. The golden rule for a blog site is that it should be dedicated to a certain topic. My blog is more like a collection of different topics and although they loosely share logic as their common denominator, very few people will be interested in all of them. Sticking to the theme we can logically deduce that either the blog is not very good, or that it’s somehow an exception to the rule. I’ll let you me decide. Use the categories on the right to select posts about a certain topic.

About me:

When I was around 12 years old I read an article in the newspaper. It raised the unusual question of whether there would be people on the planet with an equal number of hairs. It then went on explaining why this had to be the case. I remember the sheer joy that came from just seeing how the problem gave in to that piece of easy-to-understand but nonetheless scrutinising logic. As an ode to this event, my first post is dedicated to this particular story.

In those formative years I often went to the shops to admire a new phenomenon: the home computer. First the ZX-81 and later the TI99-4A, the BBC computer, the TRS-80, the VIC-20 and of course the one-and-only C64. I remember seeing those or reading about their specs in magazines that I devoured, that feeling…the magic… eventually my dad bought me a commodore 64 and I cannot begin to describe what a joyous moment that was for me. These memories still produce a weak version of the sensations I felt back then and I knew what to do with my life ever since. Over the years my interest for new technologies never left me. 

Professionally, my background is in ICT architecture of infrastructure & networks – and I’m currently involved in AWS & cloud computing.




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